ISLAMABAD - Taking notice of a recent rise in targeted sectarian killings, a Human Rights Committee of the National Assembly has decided to launch a fact-finding mission to probe the murders of members of the Shia community, reports said.

The National Assembly’s Standing Committee for Human Rights held a session here at the Parliament House on Wednesday, which decided to send the fact-finding mission to Quetta, Karachi and Gilgit-Baltistan to investigate recent incidents of violence targeting members of the Shia community.

Committee Chairman Riaz Fatyana said that the Babusar incident where a group of Shias were murdered was shameful.

He said that it was the responsibility of the State to provide protection to its citizens.

Fatyana said that if the government is unable to provide protection to the country’s minorities, then it cannot expect other countries to provide protection to their minority Muslim groups. He said that it is wrong to assert that external powers are at work in regard to these acts of sectarianism.

A member of the Committee, Jamila Gilani also said that sectarianism is an ideology within Pakistan, due to which, minority sects in the country are being targeted.

 Therefore, to solve the problem of sectarianism and extremism, this ideology must be eradicated, she said.