Hashim Abro has drawn a very accurate picture of the sad plight of Sindh because of shortage of water. I would request him to compare the pre-Mangla figure for the supply of water to the canals in Sindh with the post-Tarbela figure. He will find an increase of 7 maf with which Sindh was able to cultivate 27 lakh additional acres. The overall supply of water for the whole country increased from 83 maf pre-Mangla to 104 maf post-Tarbela. This figure has remained static for the last 38 years since Tarbela dam was commissioned. No improvement can be expected in Sindh or anywhere else if supply of water remains the same while the demand goes on increasing every year. It is for writers like Hashim Abro to explain to the people of Sindh the reasons for their sad plight. Pakistan cannot afford to continue with a supply of 104 maf forever. Kalabagh dam will add another 6.1 maf to this figure. Bhasha dam will be too little too late, at best a replacement for Mangla and Tarbela dams which will have lost considerable capacity for storage and generation by the time it is commissioned in 12 to 15 years time. We cannot keep sitting on our hands if the country is to be saved.


Lahore, August 28.