National Assembly Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting has very rightly called for curbing programmes and reports in media insinuating an erosion of Pakistan’s ideology. In fact, over time there has been a barrage of such derogatory programmes, which is alarming owing to the level to which television viewership has jumped up. The cable operators must also take the blame since it is common for them to illegally broadcast shows, some of them from Indian media that are against our ideological constructs, which is based on Two Nation Theory. Such sugar-coated shows tend to psychologically indoctrinate with the intent of luring them away from the independent identity of their homeland. Why our constitution also specifically warns against such centrifugal tendencies is because if we give that up, the foundations of our society and nationhood would be at stake.

But ironic as it may seem, it is India itself that, through its acts, keeps confirming the Two Nation Theory as a reality. It has failed to shake off its bias against its own Muslim community; their constant persecution evident in Gujarat riots, desecration of places of worship like Babri mosque and besides the Kashmir dispute singularly point to the existing reality. Should we neglect our ideology, we risk the danger of becoming a disoriented state that cannot march forward, much less cope with challenges together.