LAHORE – Wapda electricity workers urged the government to reform the administrative organisational setup of the power wing for raising its efficiency by placing the control of the distribution companies and NTDC and GENCOs under Wapda.

In a meeting held under the auspices of Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Central Labour Union at Bukhtiar Labour Hall on Wednesday, the government was asked not to make independent DISCOs by appointing private members BoDs of the companies.

The meeting was addressed by Khursheed Ahmad, General Secretary of the union along with Malik Noor, Syed Sajjad Hussainy, Osama Tariq and other trade union representatives.

“In order to overcome the financial crunch of the circular debt of electricity, the government should ensure payment of billions owed by KESC) and other defaulters,” said Khursheed. He said government should provide security to the electricity field staff as promised by the Power Minister.

He urged the working class to strengthen their unity and join hands with the patriotic forces of the nation to fight against rising poverty, ignorance and price hike and irrational inequalities between the rich and poor.