WAZIRABAD – The United Nation should publish a list of those banks which are keeping “plundered” money especially of corrupt political leaders, said a Punjab minister here on Wednesday.

“Plundered money be returned to the concerned countries.  The developing countries are in economic crisis due to transfer of their money abroad,” said Abdul Ghafoor, the Punjab minister for Planning and development, while talking to the media at the residence of Malik Muhammad Shafiq, the president of the Citizens Council, at  Wazirabad.

Ghafoor stated that the UN should bring the international plunderers to book and make public the names of such leaders. The UN should make arrangement for  return of the “plundered” money to the relating countries.

“Switzerland and Britain are considered to be developed and civilized countries but they are running on the plundered money of poor countries,”  he said. These so-called civilised and developed countries are reluctant in return the money, he said.

He demanded that the United Nation should publish the list of banks, countries and plunderers and the plundered money be returned to the concerned countries.