NOWSHERA VIRKAN – PML-N local leaders said that the situation of the country would improve only if the youth comprising 65 percent population of the country start thinking seriously about the reasons behind the existing sorry state of affairs.

Former PML-N tehsil president Mehmood Ansar Virk, and former Punjab parliamentary secretary Haji Mudassar Qayyum have said the PML-N was the best choice for the nation to make progress. They were addressing a public meeting here the other day.

They said, “The youth would be surprise to know that Pakistan being among the top five producers of coal, salt, gas and milk was treated as an orphan among the nations due to its heavy debts and loadshedding.” They said that the rulers beg and also take dictation from the US.

They said that the PML-N focused its direction for the welfare of the downtrodden masses of the country and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was doing his best for the welfare of the people of the province.

They said that PML-N a national approached and it changed the thinking about Punjab by helping the people of other provinces in the time of need. They said that people of the four provinces considered that Nawaz Sharif was the only leader who could bring the country out of crises as he introduced a real change in the country by taking revolutionary steps such as construction of motorway, Gwadar Port, laying of optic fiber, abolishment of Zila Tax and achieved GDP growth rate of 8 percent.

While criticising the rulers they said, “Zardari-led government is making mockery of Constitution and democracy just top protect US $60 billion lying in the Swiss banks. They added, “The PPP had to pay price of its wrong doings in the general elections.” 

They further said that the PPP was bent on getting back independence of judiciary. “The whole nation rendered sacrifices for independence of judiciary and the independent judiciary will move forward,” they said. They added that the PML-N would foil all conspiracies against independent judiciary. The PML-N leaders claimed their party would achieve success in the coming general elections and put the country on road to progress and prosperity.