The international and social media is full of photographs and videos of the children in Syria, who are hanging between life and death, due to the use of chemical weapons, allegedly by the ruling Bashar al-Assad regime, to suppress the people protesting against his unjustified rule. The claim of use of the weapons is being made especially because the current regime has been using mass killing as a tool to get rid of the demonstrators. US stance that they have not yet found any evidence of chemical weapons seems absurd and illogical.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, the dictator Hosni Mubarak, ousted from power by the might of people, has been exempted of cases against him and now could be set free any time, while, the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood, peacefully protesting against the ouster of the democratic president Mohammed Morsi, are being detained and readied for trail. This is such a bizarre contrast and a ridiculous attempt by the military backed interim government in Cairo to trick and pressurize the protestors, who have refused to give up their demand of reinstating Mr Morsi and democracy.


Karachi, August 26.