This is apropos a report printed in your paper about Rs14 trillion debt this country owes. When Asif Zardari led PPP took over the reins of governance, Pakistan had a total foreign and domestic debt of Rs6.044 trillion, which in the five year tenure of his rule has increased to over Rs14 trillion that is a net increase of Rs8.136 trillion. Where has all this money gone? Is the state going to investigate, or will the poor hapless people of this unfortunate nation be forced to pay back this debt for decades to come?

The PPP of Bhutto’s has been handed over to Tappis, Faryals, Pechuas and their likes to be devoured. No doubt Asif Zardari believes that best revenge is living in luxury, assured that unique politics of reconciliation that he has authored will protect all those who have plundered and looted the national exchequer and state assets are to treated as spoils of war, to be ravaged by marauding cronies of his. Never before in the turbulent and chequered history of this country have human beings killed each other so openly and without any fear.

This land has not seen such plunder of state lands and assets under any rule be it a dictator or elected government. Or maybe people are more aware now! What is even more tragic is that there seems to be no intent to hold all these daylight robbers accountable. Why have we accepted to be ruled by individuals, in whose opinion this country is no longer worthy for their families to reside in and for our Head of State to visit his family residing abroad almost every fortnight at state expense?. Which other self respecting sovereign nation would tolerate such absurdities and insults?


Lahore, August 26.