It has been reported in the print media that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif refused to answer a question by a reporter about Kalabagh dam. It does not behoove good for the Prime Minister to shirk the question of Kalabagh dam. It is well known that the Prime Minister had announced the building of Kalabagh dam at the time of his six nuclear blasts in 1998. This was a feather in his cap, but since then the Prime Minister has steadily retracted from his bold position. It appears he has comprised with the anti Kalabagh forces that are bent upon destroying the economy of Pakistan. It is unfortunate that the ‘Tiger’ of Pakistan has decided to compromise his bold stand. Let the Prime Minister not bargain on his third time tenure, now that he has achieved his purpose. A ruler must be above his personal motives in the interest of their nation. Let him be a ‘Tiger’ of Pakistan and shed his sheepish behavior at keeping silent on Kalabagh dam.


Lahore, August 26.