One of the reasons why corruption has gained deep roots in our society is because of misplaced focus and weak policies by those who have been at the helm. Acquiring power and wealth is the main purpose of those in whom the power to curb this evil has been invested.

Other reasons of fast creeping corruption are political instability and absence of rule of law. There is no effective planning in our country, it seems. The worst form of corruption is intellectual and professional dishonesty to please or benefit a few individuals. Some measures can be helpful in reducing corruption. Institutions should be placed under greater checks. The system of accountability and checks and balances should not only be implemented, it should be itself institutionalized. Also low salaries, which encourage this tendency to make a quick-buck should be at a par with inflation, that is, they should be high enough for an average man to be able to have two square meals without compromising dignity.

The education system must be improved likewise. A stable government is essential in order to bring a healthy change in society. We must all reform ourselves. Only proper planning and strict implementation of policies with administrative and technical support can help eliminate this evil from our homeland. We must now deal with it with an iron hand. Last, it must not be forgotten that corruption exists because, generally most of us, condone, practice and tolerates it to a certain degree while going about the daily business of life in the country. We have to change our attitudes, since that is where the true offense against his insidious evil can begin.


Lahore, August 28.