Islam teaches us to stay united, OIC stands for Organization of Islamic Conference which has 57 Muslim counties as members and is the second largest organization after UN. Its main aim is to unite the Muslims. Leaders of Muslim nations established the OIC on September 25, 1969 in order to preserve Islamic social and economic values and promote trade and bilateral cooperation among them. Its motto is good but we have not seen any positive actions taken by it.

USA imposed a war against Iraq and OIC was just a spectator then they went ahead and attacked Afghanistan nothing was done.

Tunis being a prominent member of OIC experienced a mass movement against their king and there were daily strikes and killings, but the OIC was a spectator and did nothing to resolve the issue from the platform of OIC and thus this cancer spread throughout the main Arab states. Libya had seen its worse days but the OIC did take some steps to resolve the crisis by means of talks. Libyan rebels were supported by NATO and French Air Force and the OIC did not take notice of this letting NATO forces do as they wanted. OIC should be so strong that its resolutions and decisions should play a vital role in international politics.

Some Muslim countries are wealthy; they have large oil reserves, some have manpower, some are advanced in technology and some have the bounty of natural resources, Pakistan has nuclear capability. So when all these forces are united there would be a different scenario of international relation, we will find that strength lies in unity. The examples of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt etc. are in front of us. No one dares to raise the issue in the floor of the OIC Assembly and to launch a protest. It’s not too late for the leaders of OIC to take reformative measures and act upon the real charter and mandate to bring peace and tranquility and curb the acts of terror all around the Muslim countries.


Shikarpur Sindh, August 18.