What are Imran Khan and Tahi-ul-Qadri up to? What have they accomplished so far, besides disrupting law and order, creating chaos and increasing our difficulties? With points on the stock exchange tumbling, the dollar rate going up, and prices of other commodities going up, there is no point to this ‘revolution’.

An honorable Supreme Court Justice said in court that if Imran Khan brings 50,000 people and demands the resignation of the sitting prime minister, tomorrow another person may gather more and demand the resignation of the next Prime Minister.

The government has shown extreme restraint, because if I had any authority I would have cordoned off the 'dharnas', not allowing anybody to come in or go out and then we would have seen how many days their protest would have lasted. As it is, most of the people, including Imran Khan go away during the day, relax at comfortable places, eat and drink and come back in the evenings to create a lot of noise.


Lahore, August 28.