The protests are not fruitful anymore but there is a positive side to them, and it is amazing that a change has already come to our country.

Our lower and middle class has realised that they have their own personal stake in the politics of Pakistan. They now actually believe that they have rights, moreover, they now they also understand the value of their vote. It has raised the self-esteem of the lower and middle classes which had no voice before.

People are now demanding reforms as their basic right- they have finally raised their voice against the ‘democratic monarchy’ that was leading this country.

I believe no matter what they achieve at the end of this protest, what they have done is more than enough because they have jolted the spirit and conscience of the common man, which in itself is a big revolution.

I am ashamed, and feel that people like me, who have only watched all this from the comfort of their homes, should have joined in this historic moment and strongly believe that these protests have encouraged all of us to look inside us and inquire if we want a corrupt Pakistan or something better.


Karachi, August 27.