LAHORE- Imran Khan who has been leading the Azadi sit-in for the last 15 days in the federal capital has levelled several accusations against the ruling family while building the momentum of the anti-government campaign, but has failed to prove the same.
The PTI chairman launched the Azadi March on August 14 from his residence to get justice against the alleged rigging in the 2013 general polls and continued levelling serious charges against the Sharif family without proofs to boost its campaign.
It is worth mentioning that most of the allegations levelled by Imran Khan against the ruling family were taken from news reports of international media.
One of Imran Khan’s allegations against the ruling family was taken from Raymond Baker’s book. Citing Baker’s book, Imran accused Nawaz Sharif of taking a kickback of US$ 160 million from Daewoo for the construction of Motorway.
He alleged the prime minister bought Mayfair apartments in 1995, whose value was then estimated at millions of pounds.
Imran accused the Sharif family of evading tax and spending billions of rupees of public funds on developing infrastructure for the Raiwind estate.
He alleged Hassan Nawaz accumulated assets worth hundreds of millions of pounds in UK beyond his known sources of income.
The PTI chairman alleged the Sharif family and its close associates withdrew money from foreign currency accounts before they were seized in 1998.
He alleged the resources of the Punjab government, led by younger brother of the premier, were used against its political rivals.
The PTI chief alleged the entire election of 2013 was rigged by the sitting government with the assistance of returning officers and the ex-chief justice.
Imran accused the PML-N-led government of making disastrous moves to destroy the economy of Pakistan. He alleged billions of rupees were transferred into foreign accounts and given to Nawaz Sharif’s son, Hussain Nawaz, via categorising it as ‘gift’.
He alleged the renowned metro bus project had been started to benefit Sharif’s relative in Turkey.
He alleged that a project worth Rs 50 billion had been handed over to ‘Ephedrine Abbasi’.
According to political pundits, Imran has failed more than one time to provide some solid information to support his accusations against the ruling family, which will politically damage Imran Khan and not his opponents. 
They have advised the cricketer-turned politician to act as a mature leader and follow the examples of modern democracies in which opposition parties come up with some proofs to support their allegations against governments.