ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chairman Dr. Tahirul Qadri today backed out of his demand for the parliament dissolution , saying that he is ready to give the parliament one more month.

“But the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif must step down,” Qadri added while addressing the sit-in participants in Islamabad. He directed his workers staging sit-in in the federal capital to remove after his address the tents that are providing shelters to the protesters. “The so-called democracy is taking last breathes,” he maintained while addressing the participants on the fifteenth day of his party’s protest sit-in in front of the Parliament House.

He said only time will decide as to who was the actual enemy of the country’s constitution, democracy and law. He said today an ‘unconstitutional and illegal’ Prime Minister who assumed power as a result of ‘phony elections’ issued a statement.

“I could not see people sitting far away from the site because of tents,” he explained. He asked the police deployed at the site to join his sit-in. The PAT chief said no institution in Pakistan will give the oppressed people justice and security. “In some villages of Punjab human and donkeys drink water from the same pond. We reject such democracy,” he said. Instead of implementing the constitution of Pakistan, corrupt rulers are barefacedly breaching it all the times, he said.

“Constitution of Pakistan demands that corrupt leaders must be kicked out of the corridors of power,” said Qadri . He urged people to come out and stand up against the tyranny instead of committing suicides. Every passing moment is bringing us near the defining moment of Pakistan’s history, he added.

The PAT chief said that he would apprise the participants about future line of action at the end of his address.