For many years, Karachi remained at the mercy of different mafias. From land grabbers, to extortionists, target killers, every possible effort was made by criminals to suck the blood of common man to the last extent. At last, the proverbial silver lining appeared from the dark cloud of despair and distress. The noose has been tightened around the wrongdoers without any fear or fright by law enforcing agencies. One can now easily feel the cool breeze of peace and calmness blowing in Karachi. The festivity, patriotism and high spirits meant for Independence Day amused people of all ages. Indeed, the Metropolitan city has regained its lost pride. The lost paradise has been regained. Karachi, once hub of opportunities for all dwellers of Pakistan had been shaken by different alligators. Now, these alligators are being combed wisely and gradually and are sent behind bars. Some have fled away. It is high time that these alligators must be brought to book and given exemplary punishment so that no one again dares to spoil the beauty and peace of Karachi.


Islamabad, August 14.