Someone showed a WhatsApp message to me on his mobile phone which displayed a helicopter delivering Nihari for Prime Minister at Murree. This showed the obvious Emperor of Pakistan using a helicopter for bringing his hearty Nihari as someone sends a servant on his bicycle to bazar for fetching some foodstuff. This brazen misuse of a state helicopter for such petty purposes only displays the royal style of our rulers who live in a dreamworld of their own forgetting crores of rural poor who can’t afford two square meals for their families in a day. Perhaps the living style of our PM in seven years as guest of Saudi Royals has inducted the royal attitudes at home in Pakistan which is a poor country and cannot afford the royal style of governance. The PM needs to clarify as to how this glaring act of luxurious living in Murree was arranged and who paid for cost of a government owned helicopter by the PM of a poor country which lives on repeated doles of IMF money. This case which needs to be taken up by NAB if it still exists in Pakistan, or by some other conscientious authority to clarify the above case.


Lahore, August 17.