Eid is nearly upon us, to be celebrated in remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim’s (AS) and his son Hazrat Ismail’s (AS) memory. The animals to be sacrificed are being sold in the markets at a high price, as the season of Eid approaches; it raises the price of the animals. It is painful to mention that most of the people cannot celebrate Eid expectedly as the price of animals are out of the reach for the common man. In the goat markets, the prices are very unaffordable for the poor, while people with money are celebrating Eid with full happiness and joy. Unfortunately, in all parts of the country a large number of people are without new shoes and clothes. In reality, special attention should be provided to the markets to reduce the high price of animals, so that it can be affordable for the poor. The government is requested to take solid steps to reduce the high price of animals and allow celebrations for everyone. 


Kech, August 21.