IRAN: Hafiz Pasha , Pakistan's former Finance Minister has said  that the price of the gas that is to be supplied through the Iran-Pakistan pipeline (IP) is attractive  and country’s development depends a lot on this project.

In an interview with an Iranian daily, he said  "This project has to be revived at the earliest because it is the most viable and feasible one for Pakistan”. He added that the project should be completed at the earliest since strong economic and trade ties are in the interest of both Iran and Pakistan.

Comparing IP with other energy projects – such as the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline – Pasha claimed that IP is the most suitable for Pakistan.

Aside from the gas pipeline , the former finance minister  also suggested that Pakistan should also try to sign a trade agreement with Iran for other products.

“Pakistan should also try to sign bilateral trade agreement with Iran with special focus on the exports of rice and textile products to Iran and import of oil products from Iran,” Dr Pasha said.

The IP pipeline would span 1900 km, bringing natural gas from Iran to Pakistan. Initially it will bring 750 million ft/d of gas, which will increase to 1 billion ft/d.