The TV is showing depressing shots of blocked water courses (Nalas) in Karachi in the wake of heavy rains with derelict houses built on sides that often topple into dirty water if cleaning of blocked Nalas is undertaken. This results in loss of human life. Do these poor people living on occupied sides of water courses belong to a lesser God that they are left unattended by Karachi administration? We have never seen such shots of blocked water courses that are inhabited by poor masses. 

Where is the slogan of Roti-Kapra-Makan when people are allowed to live in grinding poverty and filth in the biggest city of Karachi under the gaze of PPP stalwarts living in palaces? PPP has lost the shine of its slogan which appears to be empty promises. “Bhutto zinda hai” does not cut any ice with the people even though ushered vociferously. Will anyone pay heed to the sad plight of slum dwellers of Karachi? 


Lahore, August 26.