Since the inception of Pakistan, we are living in a state of denial. A state where ignorance prevails, a state where political elites have self-serving interests, a state where rule of law is being ignored, a state where accountability has no place and a state where political consensus is lacking. The fact is that we are living in a country where is no transparency. We are turning into 70 years of freedom this year but still we are living in a state of denial. Pakistan has never managed to become the country for which we got freedom. Pakistan could have been prosperous country but the lack of political consensus has been hindrance in prosperity of the country.

We expect accountability from those who themselves are accountable. One of the recent examples is Panamagates. Disqualification is just a formality not priority. It is the third time, Nawaz finds himself removed from the post. Still giving him chance is the sign of denial. Developed countries’ top priority has always been political consensus, national security, accountability and rule of law. From Barack Obama to Donald Trump, America’s top priority has always been national security, public interests and national interests. Barack Obama was the most transparent administrative in the history of U.S.A. And now Donald Trump is doing so. In the history of Pakistan, from Zardari to Nawaz are the most corrupt politicians. It is clear that the state lacks clear, transparent de-radicalisation policy. The reason is none than other our political elites. It is our job to elect a leader not a political elite to be safe from being in state of denail.


Shikarpur, August 12.