Rawalpindi-A modern Regional Blood Transfusion Centre (RBC), Islamabad chapter, would be completed next year to mobilize and retain voluntary blood donors.

The Regional Blood Transfusion Centre Islamabad is co-funded by the governments of Pakistan and Germany, which is being developed in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) from the German grant on the land provided by the government.

An amount of Rs50 million was allocated for the project during last fiscal year (2016-17) among which Rs25 million was released, official sources told APP.

The centre will mobilize, recruit and retain voluntary blood donors, collect blood donations, conduct processing, screening, testing, component preparation and storage of the blood components.

The prepared components will be provided to the hospital based blood banks in Islamabad according to their needs and these blood banks will become patient oriented units performing the function of storage, distribution and compatibility testing and haemo-vigilance, they informed.

The project is also performing the associated supportive technical work including, promotion of voluntary blood donations, capacity building, curriculum development, strengthening of regulatory system, development of Management Information System, development of operational documents (SOPs, Manuals, Guidelines, Functional Briefs), promotion of quality assurance systems, review of legislation, advocacy etc.