LAHORE - Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has reiterated his government’s resolve to bring in health reforms.

“Healthcare system is being improved while the mission of providing latest and quality healthcare facilities to the masses will be completed at any cost,” he said while addressing a meeting through video link.

“I won’t take rest till the improvement of treatment facilities in the hospitals,” he said, adding that every effort will be made to achieve the targets. Approving the plan of establishing the management of teaching hospitals on modern lines, the CM said that this programme will be initiated as a pilot project.

Approving the procurement of more ventilators for teaching hospitals, he directed that the process of procurement of ventilators be initiated soon. The meeting which lasted for three hours held a detailed review of health reforms and progress on health related projects. It also reviewed the proposed incentive package for hiring foreign experts in government hospitals.  The meeting also approved the project of the establishment of medical stores for the supply chain of medicines in Punjab.

Shehbaz directed no stone should be left unturned to complete the ongoing health projects in the province.

He said that new hospitals would be established on a public private partnership basis in Punjab and the devised model be implemented everywhere.

He said that prime Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme is successfully being implemented in four of the districts in the province and directed that third party validation of ongoing Health Insurance Scheme in four districts be conducted. He said that steps should be taken speedily to enhance the scope of this programme in all the districts of the province. Under Health Insurance Scheme, the poorest of the poor families are getting quality healthcare facilities in public and private hospitals free of cost. He said that Punjab government is setting up state-of-the-art Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Institute (PKLI) in the provincial metropolis with a cost of billion of rupees and patients of kidney and liver will be treated free of cost in this institution.