ISLAMABAD - The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet on Tuesday approved two months salaries for the workers of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), which is dysfunctional since June 2015.

The ECC in a meeting, which was chaired by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, has approved to release Rs760 million to pay two months salaries of the PSM workers. The workers of the PSM had not received the salaries for last five months due to the financial constraints of the PSM. The PSM is dysfunctional since June 2015 due to the several reasons.

The top economic decisions-making body of the country also approved a proposal by Petroleum Division to allocate 14.2 MMCFD gas from Sofia field to SSGC owing to availability of nearest transmission network and that the gas from same block is already being supplied to SSGC. The ECC also approved to replace four LPG Air Mix Projects keeping in view road access, availability of land and safety and security issues.

As per decision of ECC, Air Mix Project Malkot (KPK) is proposed to be replaced with project at Balakot, Forward Kahuta with Drosh (Chitral) Hajira (AJK) to Beor Tehsil Kahuta and Abbaspur (AJK) to Ban, Tehsil Murree. On re-allocation of gas from existing fields, ECC approved proposal of Petroleum Division to re-allocate up to 130 MMCFD gas from OGDCL's KPD field to SSGC and SNGPL on equal sharing basis in line with earlier ECC decision dated October 6, 2009. It was decided that up to 25 MMCFD gas from MOL's Makori East field and 6.4 MMCFD from Makori Deep field would be allocated to SNGPL for meeting its gas demand and supply.

The ECC also allowed marketing of diesel oil conforming to EURO-IV and EURO-V specifications under deregulated environment provided there was no burden on the government of Pakistan. Over the issue of wheat subsidy in Gilgit-Baltistan, the ECC approved to enhance the subsidy up to Rs2 per kg by the end of current financial year as consented and agreed by the Gilgit-Baltistan government. The ECC decided that funds for supply of wheat would be provided on quarterly basis during harsh weather while it would be provided on monthly basis for the remaining part of the year.