The recommendations prepared by Senate Committee of Whole House have been jointly approved on Wednesday, in which it is said that Foreign Office should notify Pakistan’s reservations by summoning American ambassador.

The session was chaired by Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani in which an eight-page report was submitted about America’s policy regarding South Asia, declaring it unilateral.

It was mutually declared that United States has failed in Afghanistan due to its own policies, not because of Pakistan.

US has neglected the role of Pakistan as well as ground realities in its new policy, and Afghan war can’t be fought on Pakistan soil, it was maintained.

It was further stated in the recommendations that Senate committee welcomes the formation of Pak-Afghan Army Working Group to curb terrorism.

Senate let it be known that the role of India in Afghanistan would bring instability to the region.

Raza Rabbani said these recommendations reflect the views of people, and parliament has proven that everybody is on the same page regarding the national interest of Pakistan.