ISLAMABAD - Foreign Minister Khwaja Muhammad Asif Tuesday said that India is busy waging water aggression and is damaging Pakistan’s agriculture and hydel projects.

India is busy waging water aggression against Pakistan which is against the doctrine of the Indus Water Treaty, Khwaja Asif said this while addressing a ceremony at the Institute of Strategic Studies.

He said that issue of water is becoming serious and intensifying the dispute between the two countries. After the partition of subcontinent water had also become part of the list of mutual disputes, he said.

In the beginning Indus water treaty had helped resolved the issue but now India has stopped abiding by the rules of the treaty and is violating it, he added.

He said that India is expanding its hydel projects on the shared rivers and is planning to develop many run of the river projects. Pakistan has shown its reservations over the expansion of hydel projects, he added.

Besides, he said, India has constructed various projects on the rivers that flows into Pakistan in violation of the Indus water treaty and also did not share their designs with Islamabad.

He said by the violation of Indus treaty India is damaging Pakistan’s agriculture and hydel projects.

The minister said that Indus water treaty issue is of vital importance between the two countries and it is in the interest of both India and Pakistan to abide the treaty. “Pakistan is obeying the international regulations and our neighbours should also do the same,” Khwaja Asif said.

The minister said that violations of Indus Water Treaty and Indian expansion on shared water will not be acceptable for Pakistan. However, he said, Pakistan is ready to resolve all the water disputes with India.

He said: “We don’t rely on India for 140 MAF water as it belongs to Pakistan and it comes from our glaciers and other resources”.

Beside India water aggression again Pakistan, he said:  “we are creating problems for ourselves by misusing water resources. Criticising the insensitive use of water, Khwaja Asif said: “we are using water in a criminal way and think of it as an unlimited natural resource, which is regretful”. Only 20 per cent of money spent on the distribution of water is being recovered while 80 per cent is being spent from government’s kitty which is also one of the reasons for low investment in the water sector.

He said that if the misuse of water resources was stopped and this trend continued and we didn’t build new reservoirs the country will be facing serious consequences in next 50 years,” the minister said. “ If water was not used wisely and if they do not go for better management of water resources then soon we will be in a big trouble,” he added.

“We have to start work on Diamir Bhasha and other water reservoirs on war footings,” he added. He said that besides Bhasha the government is building dozens of Hydel power facilities in AJK.