LAHORE - Formally making her political debut before a huge public gathering in the heart of the City on Tuesday, Maryam Nawaz asked the voters in NA-120 to ‘avenge’ the ouster for her father and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif by ensuring win of Kalsoom Nawaz in the by-election.

“On that day, the whole world will see return of the ‘tiger’ (PML-N electoral symbol),” she said, sounding upbeat about the victory of Begum Kalsoom.

Launching the campaign for her mother in the Mozang area of NA-120, Maryam Nawaz spoke like a seasoned politician and displayed tremendous confidence before the exuberant crowd which continued to chant full-throated slogans for her and Nawaz Sharif simultaneously replying to what she posed about the disqualification verdict, Nawaz Sharif’s achievements while staying in the office, and the ‘conspiracy’ hatched against him.

The highly charged gathering of the Lahorites, replied in negation when Maryam asked: “Do you accept the decision (against Nawaz Sharif)”; “Can a person who made Pakistan atomic power, gave CPEC project, gave Motorway, ended power crisis, terrorism and put the country on the road of progress and development ever be disqualified?”

Maryam started off in a quite decent way. Previously she had encountered the media and N-Leaguers in the party meetings but this time round she was in the field where the public received her very warmly finding in her the image of Nawaz Sharif.

That was why the Mozang ceremony was organised by the PML-N only to inaugurate the main election office of Begum Kalsoom Nawaz, yet the spirit, enthusiasm and ecstasy of the party workers, dotted with rose petals showering, horse dancing, drum beating, bands and playing party songs, sloganeering and firework at the end, replicated what the City had witnessed on August 12 evening at Data Darbar Chowk where Nawaz Sharif had reached from Islamabad with a massive gathering after four-day travel on GT Road.

Sharifs lovers chanted slogans ‘Wazir-e-Azam Nawaz Sharif, Wazir-e-Azam Nawaz Sharif” and at the end of speech Maryam herself led this slogan’s spell. She also gave a fresh slogan to the public that “Panama to ik bahana tha, asal to Nawaz Sharif nishan tha” (Panama Papers case was mere an excuse, Nawaz Sharif was the actual target).

In her speech, Maryam elicited commitment from the public to secure victory of Begum Kalsoom which, she added, would be as good as fourth victory of Nawaz Sharif in this constituency. She was hopeful that Nawaz Sharif will be restored to serve the masses again.

The crowd said in affirmation when she asked would you respond to the conspiracy against Nawaz Sharif and restore sanctity of your vote. She made the gathering raise hands to commit that they would end the politics of pawns. She said the Panama case against Nawaz Sharif lasted for one and a half year but there was not a single charge of corruption against the ousted PM.

“This amply vindicates Nawaz Sharif is Sadiq and Ameen,” she said, adding the former PM continued to face excesses over the four years of his rule yet he did not deviate from the path of public service. “He gave Lahore Metro, Orange Line Train and other development projects but the political rivals who are seeking votes today, always discounted these projects,” Maryam told PML-N supporters.

“What face they are taking to the votes when they themselves failed to do any good to the public where they had won the elections,” Maryam said alluding to the PTI which is considered to be the main contender on the opposite for this seat.

She said the PML-N ‘tigers’ will roar on September 17 by voting Begum Kalsoom Nawaz to victory. “This victory will avenge ouster of Nawaz Sharif,” she added.

Maryam Nawaz also prayed for the early recovery and long life of her mother, Begum Kalsoom Nawaz, who at present, is under medical treatment for the cancer disease diagnosed during her recent visit to UK.

Several PML-N parliamentarians were present on the occasion. On arrival to the venue, Maryam Nawaz took time to come up on the stage from her jeep as PML-N activists occupied the path. Maryam came to venue amid tight security while security at the election office and around was also maintained strictly. A number of women were also present to hear the ex-PM’s daughter.