While commenting on Trump's Afghan policy and claim of giving 'billion of dollars' given to Pakistan in aid, former Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar stated that 'mere peanuts were handed over to Pakistan'. 

He slammed Donald Trump's new Afghan policy stating that it is not Pakistan which is responsible of US failure in Afghanistan rather policies of US and its allies are responsible. 

Nisar asserted that Coalition Support Fund given by US is for the services Pakistan provided to United States and even for that American government drag its feet. 

"If our bill is $500 million, they will sit on it for months even a whole year and then pay $200 million," he mentioned. 

Chaudhry Nissar, former Interior minister called for a major overall change of policies towards US as its criticism on Pakistan couldn’t be stopped by condemnations and resolutions. He was of the view that US policy had failed in the region and Pakistan is not the one to be blamed for its disastrous failure. “US didn’t ask for Pakistan’s opinion before going into the territory of Afghanistan,” he added.

Talks were held between US and Taliban but if Pakistan holds talk then suddenly the attitude of US changes.

He emphasized that Pakistan should argue on bases of reasons and facts rather than following the path of confrontation.

While addressing the assembly, Sheikh Rasheed criticized the scathing letter of Basit’s. He also said that letter’s news over the media was very embarrassing.

Moreover, he said that the government should start backdoor diplomacy with US.