In a new series of violent acts against Rohingya Muslims, Myanmar soldiers opened fire on fleeing civilians as they attempted to cross the border into Bangladesh and escape the government-perpetrated violence. At the backdrop of this suppression, the county is now witnessing an armed resistance against the Myanmar government. In the recent wave of violence that erupted Thursday night, the death toll has reached 96 including both Rohingya members as well as security personnel.

Often termed as the most persecuted minority of the world, the Rohingya, is an ethnic Muslim group in the majority Buddhist country. The reasons for the persecution are more complex than simple religious ones – involving ethnic, language and resource based conflicts. This conflict has been simmering under the surface since the country’s independence. However, the long-standing camping of violence and discrimination is reaching new grisly heights in the past few months

According to different human rights organisations and watchdog groups, the worsening security situation in Myanmar is heading towards another major refugee crisis. They have reported the worst kind of human rights violation of Rohingya Muslims by the Burmans. The systemic killing of the members of the Rohingya group and displacement is not short of ethnic cleansing according to most observers.

In this whole crisis, one voice that has kept a criminal silence on the genocide of Rohingya Muslims is that Noble Peace Prize Winner, of Aung San Suu Kyi. Her silence on the whole issue is not short of a tacit approval to the atrocities committed by the members of the Burman against Rohingya minority. Being the supreme ruler of the country, she needs not only to speak against the violence initiated by the Buddhist monks but also to take concrete measures to bring any violent activity to a halt. Currently she is sitting passively as the myth of her bravery and resistance comes crashing down around her ears.