ISLAMABAD-Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE) Chief Executive Officer, Pir Asim will leave for Vienna, Austria tomorrow (Thursday) to witness the World Heavyweight Wrestling match in World Grand Prix but also he will hand over the title to champion on September 1.

Talking to The Nation on Tuesday, Pir Asim termed it a huge honour for not only him but also for the country, as not only world’s top wrestling organisers along with Arab countries top management will be present there but also world’s top wrestlers including Ray Mysterio and Booker T would also be present and it is huge honour that the organisers have invited him as chief guest along with PWE directors Zeeshan Bashir, Director US and Middle East and Imran Hussian Shah, Director Europe. Asim said it was a great acknowledgment by the world’s top wrestling management group and a clear indication that PWE work was highly appreciated and noticed at international level. “I feel really proud that it is Pakistan’s honour that I was given such responsibility of presenting both titles to the winners, while it will also give me opportunity to meet with world’s top professional wrestlers and invite them for the second edition of Pro-wrestling in Pakistan.”

He extended his felicitations to the management of the organising committee and said it would open floodgates of top professional wrestlers signing up for Pro Wrestling Entertainment Pakistan. “I had planned to conduct Second Pro-wrestling events in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and two more major cities. Last time some mismanagement was witnessed and we were not able to conduct the event in the way we wanted to but it was not intentional. It was the first time and I don’t have professionals team with me as lot of people posed as champions of conducting mega events in Pakistan but in the end they proved to be complete failures. But we had learnt a great deal from past mistakes and let me assure that I am highly serious about the second edition and work has already started on the mega project as it is about the respect of Pakistan. I had conducted the event not for personal glory, fame or for money. I kept in mind only Pakistan and the youth. I would establish wrestling academies in all major cities and will bear all the expenses and also take youth to international events and top professional trainers services will be hired for Pakistani youth to get world class training at their doorsteps.”

He said he had planned to conduct Second Pro-wrestling Entertainment in March as the weather would perfect and he wanted youth and families to come in numbers. “Last time too we had distributed free passes and let me assure all this time too students, deserving ones will get lime share without paying a single penny. The main aim of conducting event is to promote the soft image of country and not to mint money. I have always dreamt of doing something for country and I know there is massive fan-following of wrestling in Pakistan and it is my request to all come and join hands for the sake of Pakistan,” Pir Asim concluded.