LAHORE -  Punjab University Centre for South Asian Studies, in collaboration with National Accountability Bureau (NAB), organised a seminar on corruption in its auditorium.

CSAS Director Prof Dr Umbreen Javaid, additional NAB directors Nirmal Hassani and Major (r) Ghulam Rasool, Dr Abdul Majid, faculty members and MPhil/PhD scholars were present on the occasion.

In his address, Dr Abdul Majid said that the corruption which was the axis of evils had penetrated very deep in our society.

Nirmal Hassani said that it was the prime duty of the parents to teach and train their children not to be corrupt. She said that every individual should try to keep himself away from corruption and as a nation we should keep an eye on others. “Corruption is the biggest problem of our society after terrorism,” she added. Hassani further said that corruption hinders all the development of a society and all of us should become a part to fight this evil.

Major (r) Ghulam Rasool said that we must have to turn to our religious ethics and values to eradicate corruption and all the segments of the society have to play their role in this regard. It was not only the matter of our education but also of training and we have to keep a regular check to eradicate it from our society, he urged.

Later, an awareness walk was also arranged within the university premises.

Adeeb Javedani remembered

A condolence reference for former president of Private Schools Association and columnist Adeeb Javedani was held at Pakistan Movement Workers Trust on Tuesday.

A large number of people from all walks of life attended the event. The son of late Javedani said that his father taught a lesson to love Pakistan and pledged to continue this mission.

Other speakers remebered Javedani as a true Pakistani and education friend. He spent his life to disseminate Pakistan ideology, they said, adding that he was a fatherly figure for private schools who worked hard to resolve private institutions issues. Prayers were also offered for departed soul.