LAHORE -  Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has opposed creating hostility towards the United States, days after highlighting the need to close the chapter of American aid.

Replying to media queries at a cheque distribution ceremony for the martyrs of Arfa Karim Tower terror attack at Model Town on Tuesday, the chief minister opinied that “we should not indulge in enmity with US, rather talk to the country gracefully.”

“Pakistanis have already rendered enough sacrifices to achieve shared objectives of a terror-free and peaceful world. It is time for Pakistan to politely and gratefully close the chapter of US assistance so that the bilateral relationship can be freed from the shadow of contemptuous taunts,” the CM had said in a statement last Friday.

Speaking at Arfa Karim Tower, he urged the need of being fair and honest with ourselves and the nation.

Regarding statement of US President Trump, the chief minister said that Punjab government has responded in this regard and he has given his stance. “We need to root out terrorism and extremism as the country cannot make progress without elimination of this menace,” he added.

To a question regarding alleged corruption in Multan Metro Bus project, Shehbaz Sharif said that a legal notice has been served to the TV channel which ran “false story” and his team will fully respond to this baseless and concocted allegation.

However, he added, people can hold him accountable if corruption of even a single penny is proved against him during his three tenures. “There should be justice in this matter and I will not rest content unless the truth is brought to the nation,” the CM vowed.

Shehbaz Sharif said that his government saved billions of rupees of the nation.

About census, Shehbaz Sharif said that Pakistan consists of four units and we are individuals of the same family so we should settle our matters amicably. “We should consider the facts and figures of census seriously and calmly and if population of Punjab has reduced then we should review its causes and keep the fact in mind that if increase has been shown in population of a province then it may be due to Afghan refugees.”

Earlier, addressing the ceremony, Shehbaz said those martyred in the war against terrorism were heroes of the nation and the entire nation acknowledged their sacrifices. He expressed the hope that the blood of the martyrs will not go to waste and due to their sacrifices, peace will prevail in the country and Pakistan will cover the journey of progress and prosperity successfully.