Among the various models of development, as far as our country has to concern, human development is more important for a civilized social set up. It is not a hidden fact , that our country has weirdly effected by prejudices, bigotry, hatred and misogynisty of the people. Traditionally, people have suffered with the whims to serve their own interests. The moral ethics and civilised manners of the people are constantly growing to extinction in our social fabrics. 

In addition , the ethnic card and chauvinistic mindset of the people have always been stoking the embers of religious violence. Vulgarity is increasing at fast pace , our youngsters are getting to trap in insane and imbecile activities. 

Extrapolating from this volatile atmosphere, our country,s problem is not only economic crisis or unavailability of resources. But the Moral decay of our institutions- importing moral education- is clearly reflecting it’s image in the mirror of the society. The social constructivism , which has shaped our society in an awkward way , has extremely deteriorated. 

In order to overhaul this institutional backwardness, the new government should bring into practice some tangible and concrete measures in this regard. New institutions with a quality education must be setup across the country. A proper check and balance, insofar as possible, must be ensure in every institution. This is only way forward to reshape our social norms and values for being a civilised community. If not so, God forbid, the fear of insanity and immorality will prolong in the social dynamics of our society. 


Balochistan, August 9.