ISLAMABAD  -  A writ petition seeking court’s directions to government for severing diplomatic relations with Holland over sacrilegious caricatures contest was moved before the Islamabad High Court here on Wednesday.

A single bench of IHC comprising Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani will conduct hearing of the petition on Thursday (today). The petition was moved by social activist and former spokesperson of Shohda Foundation Hafiz Ihtesham Ahmad.

In his petition, he cited Prime Minister of Pakistan through his Principal Secretary, federation of Pakistan through Secretary Foreign Affairs, Federal Secretary Interior and Federal Secretary of Ministry of Information Technology (IT) as respondents.

He stated in his petition that relation and respect for Prophet Muhammad is the most precious asset for all the Muslims. The petitioner added that they could not tolerate any single attack on the sanctity of Prophet Muhammad.

He informed the court that Geert Wilders, head of Dutch ruling party Freedom Party had announced to hold blasphemous cartoon contest at the Parliament of Netherland. He continued that Wilders had also announced to live telecast the contest.

The petitioner told that the national security and national counter terrorism departments of Netherland have also permitted him to hold the profane contest. Ihtesham said that according to a tweet of head of Freedom Party, the contest of sacrilegious caricatures would be held on November 10 and ten thousand dollar prize would be given to the winner.

He adopted before the court that this act of wilders has not only hurt the feelings of Muslims but also it is a grave threat to world peace. He said that Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and therefore, it is responsibility of the state of Pakistan to ensure protection of sanctity of Prophet Muhammad.

He argued that in the name of freedom of expression, disrespect of Prophet Muhammad is unacceptable and government should take stern action over this issue.

He deplored that till now, government of Pakistan has failed to take any effective measure in this regard.

He said that in this scenario, Pakistan should not only cut its diplomatic relations with Netherlands but also it should carry out economic boycott of the country.

The petitioner prayed to the court to direct the government to expel Dutch diplomatic staff from Pakistan and withdraw Pakistani diplomatic staff from Netherland. He also requested the court to direct Interior Ministry to put complete ban on sale and purchase of Dutch products.

He further prayed to the court to direct Ministry of IT to ensure not to telecast the contest even through social media in Pakistan.