LAHORE  -  The Lahore High Court Wednesday suspended an order of a single bench for demolition of houses in Miani Sahib graveyard, with directions to the respondents to come up with the replies.

A division bench led by Justice Ayesha A. Malik was hearing the appeals moved by Syed Fakhar Shah and others against the order of a single bench wherein the demolition of the houses was ordered in the graveyard.

The appellants said they had been living in their houses since before the creation of Pakistan and the land they possessed was purchased by their ancestors. One of the appellants said that their elders bought five kanals and 17 marla land at the place came under question.

Another appellant said they acquired two kanal land during the first martial law administrator of the country and the graveyard’s committee issued notification regarding acquisition of their land on June 6, 1962 and got possession of the said land on June 16 during the same year.