Nawaz stops lawyer from filing exemption plea

2018-08-30T03:42:18+05:00 NOKHAIZ SAHI Israr Ahmad

ISLAMABAD/Rawalpindi - Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif stopped his defence counsel Khawaja Harris from filing a petition in the Accountability Court for seeking exemption from Thursday's attendance in the court.

The disqualified premier stated that he will prefer to listen cross-questioning of the defence counsel with JIT Head Wajid Zia instead of holding meetings in Adiala Jail as Thursday is fixed for meeting jail inmates.

Nawaz Sharif was produced before the court in tight security arrangements as cross-questioning is going on with Wajid Zia Khawaja Harris in Al-Aziziya Steel Mills Reference by Khawaja Harris.

To a question about cash flow and net profits of the Hill Metal Establishment (HME), the JIT head told the court that net profit of HME was got through the report of Alder Audit Bureau, adding the JIT also got source documents regarding financial statements and annual cash flow from the Law firm. “These documents were not prepared by JIT,” Zia said, adding the JIT did not attempt to coordinate with the body who prepared these documents. To another question, Zia admitted that questions of the defence were very technical pertaining to economic affairs, adding that he is not a chartered accountant to reveal all the relating economic equations. He also maintained that there are different mathematical and economic systems working in the world regarding accountancy and financial auditing.

When Khawaja Harris raised questions on pure mathematical and economic equations, Judge Accountability Court Arshad Malik intercepted the defence and remarked to focus only on questions related to the case. On remarks of the Judge Accountability Court, Khawaja Harris said that being a lawyer he has been practicing law for the last 40 years and he knows well what's question he should ask and for what objective.

During the hearing, NAB prosecutor informed the court that audit report of HME was presented to JIT from the defence side, adding as per comparison of net profit of the HME and dispatched amount sent to Nawaz Sharif, it was learnt that 88 per cent profit was deposited in the account and sent to the former premier.

Later hearing in Al-Aziziya Steel Mills reference was adjourned till Thursday (August 30). Security arrangements around Judicial Complex were enhanced due to consecutive hearings of Nawaz Sharif.


Nawaz Sharif was taken to Accountability Court from Adiala Jail in tight security on Wednesday.

The former premier was transported in the Armoured Personnel Vehicle (APC) and was escorted by more than 18 vehicles of police, Elite Force commandos and personnel of other law enforcement agencies to avoid any untoward incident.

Following the instructions of City Police Officer (CPO) Abbas Ahsan, extra police force was deployed along the route leading to federal capital. Similarly, traffic wardens controlled the traffic flow on the directive of Chief Traffic Officer (Muhammad Bin Ashraf) to facilitate motorcade of Mian Nawaz Sharif.

After concluding the hearing in Al-Azizia and Flagship Corruption References in Accountability Court, police have shifted back the deposed premier to Adiala Jail.

On the other hand, traders and shopkeepers running businesses on Adiala Road have protested against the rude behaviour of traffic wardens. They said the traffic wardens are seen at Dhama Mor, Chungi Number 20, Ali Town, Jarahi, Kehkashan Colony, Mubarak Lane and Khwaja Corporation only the day the police have to move former prime minister to Accountability Court from jail whereas they remain absent from duty on the rest of days.

“Traffic wardens misbehave with us and don’t allow us to even park our own vehicles in parking lots outside our shops whenever police take Mian Nawaz Sharif to court but they don’t control traffic rush in routine,” said a tailor while talking to The Nation. He said it was the duty of wardens to ease traffic congestion other than the VIP routes. Many other traders lodged complaints about unprofessional behaviour of wardens and demanded CTO and CPO to take action against them.

Meanwhile, the authorities have shifted Capt (Retd) Muhammad Safdar back to Adiala Jail amid tight security after doctors discharged him from the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).


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