ISLAMABAD - Expressing serious concern over the massive power theft and swelling circular debt , Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he would sensitise public on checking power theft besides sprucing up governance to bring the situation in the right frame.

While chairing briefing on issues related to the power sector, the prime minister held bad governance, corruption and flawed policies of previous government responsible for the current worse situation facing the power sector.

Secretary Power Division Rizwan Memon briefed the prime minister about the issue of line losses and the circular debt which has touched Rs1.18 trillion.

The Secretary also highlighted various issues relating to generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

The Prime Minister expressed his serious concern over the prevailing situation vis-à-vis power theft and swelling circular debt . He observed that bad governance, corruption and flawed policies of past have resulted into a situation which was neither viable nor sustainable.

The Prime Minister said that addressing issues related to the power sector was among the foremost priorities of the government. He said that a task force is being constituted to work out a comprehensive strategy for addressing sectoral issues with special focus on improved governance, system augmentation, tariff rationalization and plugging various loopholes in power generation, transmission and the distribution system.

The Prime Minister also stated that he would spearhead a comprehensive public awareness campaign to sensitize public and to garner their support for checking electricity theft and ensuring better management of the power sector. 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan also chaired a briefing about functions of Ministry of Commerce at Prime Minister’s Office. Advisor to PM on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood was also present during the briefing. 

Secretary Commerce Muhammad Younas Dagha made a detailed presentation about the functions of the Ministry and its attached departments. While briefing the Prime Minister about the current situation of imports and exports of the country, the Secretary also proposed policy initiatives and various short-term and medium-to-long term measures aimed at promoting trade activities and realizing export potential of the country. 

The Prime Minister in his remarks said that promoting trade and facilitating business community, especially the overseas Pakistanis who wanted to invest in various conventional and non-conventional sectors of the economy, was among the priority areas for the government. He said that the existing structures of facilitation of investors would be reviewed to ensure seamless facilitation of prospective investors.

Discussing the role of trade officers abroad towards enhancement of country’s trade, the Prime Minister observed that there was a need to review the criteria of appointment and assessing the performance of the trade officers so as to ensure that business community is properly facilitated, investment potential of the country is highlighted and the trade targets are achieved. 

The Prime Minister also directed that a comprehensive strategy should be worked out to check corrupt practices of illegal money transfers (hundi) and smuggling which were negatively affecting the country’s economy.



PM concerned over power theft, circular debt