With each passing day the silence in Indian occupied Kashmir is getting louder as the BJP government struggles to force-feed the world delusions of an extremist Hindu prime minister. Even the French Foreign Minister has expressed deep concerns at the ‘situation’, despite having his tongue tied by France’s good business relations with India; France cannot afford to have the Rafale aircraft sale obstructed. Narendar Modi can insist that all is well in the valley, but every drop of blood he sheds is washing away the fictitious narrative the Indian media has been tasked with disseminating.

The curfew imposed on 5th August, after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution, is still in place. Children are crying for food. The ill have no access to medical treatment. According to a report by the New York Times, over 2000 civilians have been imprisoned by the Indian armed forces since Kashmir’s special status was revoked. The prisoners include businessmen, human rights defenders, elected representatives, teachers and students as young as 14 years old. Nonetheless, protesters continue to march across the streets despite knowing that they will be met by rubber and steel bullets.

All communication methods in the occupied region have been cut off to ensure the world does not see the Indian prime minister’s tyranny. However, with the truth leaking out piecemeal, the Indian media is rushing to spread fake news about Pakistan in a poor attempt to drown out the Kashmiri voices demanding justice. Recently Indian newspapers and television channels falsely claimed that Pakistan had been blacklisted by the Asia Pacific group. The Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) representative Alexandra Weijmenga dismissed the reports stating that only FATF has the authority to blacklist.

Earlier, on 20th August, Indian media falsely reported that the Pakistani commando who helped capture Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was killed at the line of control (LOC) by Indian forces. Ahmed Khan, a subedar with the Pakistan Army’s Special Service Group, embraced martyrdom at LOC on August 17th. However, he has been incorrectly identified by Indian media as the man who helped captured their IAF pilot. Furthermore, Indian media- despite zero proof- went onto wrongly accusing our soldier of ‘facilitating infiltrators’ into their country, all the while failing to mention (given their error) that the same Pakistani commando saved their Indian pilot from being lynched by a mob.

The growing hatred between India and Pakistan is tactfully fulfilling Prime Minister Narendar Modi’s agenda of painting the Kashmir issue as a bilateral one: a problem between India and Pakistan. However, the forceful occupation of Kashmir, enabled by the removal of its special status, is not a regional issue alone but a religious one as well. Suppression of the Kashmiri people is a battle cry against every Muslim in India-to being with. Modi’s fascist regime steered by Amit Shah is preparing for genocide with the aim of transforming their secular nation into one governed by Hindutva ideology - a form of nationalism under which Hinduism reigns supreme. The 2002 Gujrat riots in which over 790 Muslims were killed, under Narendar Modi’s watch as the Chief Minister, are proof of the man’s intentions and his party’s capabilities. Let us not forget that in light of the massacre Modi was banned from entering USA. According to data gathered by Asia Times, hate crimes in India have increased tenfold since his rise to premiership. Recently Indians began trending #BoycottMacDonalds on Twitter for serving halal food. Several videos of Muslims in India being threatened to chant Hindu prayers have surfaced on social media. Men and boys have been tied up, beaten and set ablaze for refusing to do so.

Pakistan was created so that Muslims in (then) India could practice their faith without fear. We will not stand in silence today as innocent Kashmiri Muslims get butchered and neither should the world. According to Amnesty International over 2,700 unmarked graves have been identified by the 11-member police team of the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) in four districts of Indian occupied north Kashmir. Global organization Genocide Watch has previously issued two alerts for the Indian occupied territory and has recently called upon the United Nations to warn India not to commit genocide in the area.

In pegging one religion against another the BJP government is playing an extremely dangerous game. And Prime Minister Narendar Modi is mistaken if he believes this is a game he can win. I am compelled to draw upon President Zia-ul-Haq’s words to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to explain why: ‘Mr. Rajiv you want to invade Pakistan? Ok fine go ahead! But please remember one thing…Pakistan may possibly suffer annihilation but Muslims will still survive because there are several Muslim countries in the world. But remember there is only one India and I shall wipe out Hinduism and Hindu religion from the face of the earth! And if you don’t order complete de-escalation and demobilisation before my return to Pakistan, the first word I shall utter will be “Fire”.