ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has banned entry of heavy traffic in the city for seven hours on daily basis to ensure smooth flow of traffic during peak hours and maximum convenience for the road users.

According to the Islamabad Traffic Police, the entry of heavy traffic in the city would not be allowed from 7am to 10am and from 4pm to 8pm.

The heavy traffic coming from G.T road Lahore or heading to  Sabzi Mandi from G.T road Peshawar Motorway would not be allowed to enter in the city premises. Likewise,  heavy traffic coming from Azad Kashmir via Murree,  Bhara Kau, Kotli Sattrayn, Lehtrar road, Kahuta or Rawalpindi Kahuta road would also not be allowed to enter in the Capital.

The police spokesman said that step has been taken to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the city during peak hours. Marked decline in road traffic accidents in Capital: ITP

Meanwhile, the ITP pointed out that there had been a marked decline of 29 per cent in road accidents due to inclusive approach, aimed at sensitising citizens about traffic rules and regulations in federal capital.

A document, shared by the ITP, indicated that some 111 fatal and non-fatal accidents took place on the roads and major avenues of the city, as compared to 157 in 2018.

As many as 76 peoples lost their lives in fatal road collisions during the first eight months of 2019, compared to the last year, it added. Moreover, 67 citizens got injured during the said period in comparison with the last year.

Around 131 accidents of different types were reported in the Islamabad Capital Territory during this year, out of that 20 were in the jurisdiction of National Highway and Motorway Police, it said.  It indicated that the violation of traffic rules had soared in the city by 7.5 per cent as the ITP issued around 0.57 million fine tickets from January to August, 2018, compared to 0.53 million in the corresponding time period.   Talking to this agency, an official in ITP’s Education Wing on Thursday said the improved road sense and renewed efforts of the traffic police had helped curtail the number of road traffic accidents in the capital city.        

Giving credit to Inspector General (IG) of Islamabad Police, Amir Zulfiqar Khan for declining road accidents, he said the IG was personally taking interest in educating the motorists. The official said the ITP had taken several new initiatives this year for encouraging citizens to follow traffic laws.

Citing its recent interesting initiative, he said a Good Citizen Patrol Unit had  been launched this year to appreciate the law-abiding motorists.

The unit had been patrolling the capital’s roads daily and awarding the ‘Good Citizen Sticker’ along with coffee mug and other gifts to the road-users, observing proper laws and regulations, he added.

The official said the Capital Highway Inspection Patrolling Squads (CHIPS), Quick Response Unit and Education teams were actively participating in road  traffic awareness. To a query, he said the ITP Education Wing was conducting sensitization drives on regular basis.

Another official from ITP Enforcement Wing told APP that the speed checking cameras were also installed on the city’s roads to check lane violation and over-speeding. He said the police had identified 13 black-spots in the federal capital where the chances of accidents were relatively higher due to various road violations, absence of road signage and poor road infrastructure. The spots included Blue Area, 7th Avenue, Faizabad, Kashmir Highway, IJP road, 96 Quarters, Qadafi Chowk and others, he added. The official, however, complained about the shortage of staff and resources available with the ITP.