GN LOS ANGELES - Margot Robbie’s mother says she is a ‘’fashion icon’’. The 29-year-old actress is the new face and ambassador for Chanel Fragrances and her mother Sarie Kessler can’t believe how stylish her daughter has grown up to be.

Speaking to Margot for the latest issue of Vogue Australia, Sarie said: ‘’I want to talk to you about how your fashion taste has changed. When you were little I couldn’t get you out of board shorts and mismatched T-shirts and farm boots. And now you’re just this amazing fashion icon sitting front row at Chanel haute couture. ‘’When I see you sitting next to Anna Wintour or being made the new fragrance ambassador for Chanel, I think: ‘Pinch me, this can’t be my daughter’. The one who was in the farm boots and the apricot skirt.’’ However, Margot played down her mother’s excitement, saying: ‘’Mum. God bless you. I am not a fashion icon, but thank you for saying that.’’ Margot also shared her first fashion memory with her mother for the magazine.