Deliberate slowdown of the automobile industry

The Pakistan automobile sector comically says they expect growth in their sector in the coming months, while greatly increasing their prices over the past five months. Are the leaders of this sector having a laugh? How can they even think that their sales will increase with increasing prices?

The reality of the automobile sector is this, only 6% of Pakistan’s population own vehicles, Pakistan does not manufacture 100% locally, Pakistan does not export vehicles, in fact, second-hand vehicles are regularly imported and considered better than local vehicles. The prices of vehicles in Pakistan is higher than other subcontinent countries and the quality is much lower with no emphasis and checking of vehicle safety.

Even after operating for decades with local industries, the automobile manufacturers have been able to produce and sell the maximum number of vehicles (+250,000) in one year during Ex-President Musharraf time when he had reduced the price of vehicles to its lowest levels.

This means that the only way the automobile industry can increase sales and exports is by reducing its product prices. But in Pakistan, this sector is doing the opposite and has increased its prices by more than 150% since Musharraf’s time. Therefore I think the Government should review and audit the costs of this industry and verify the statements the automobile manufacturing association regularly makes in Public. Because their statements and actions are opposite to each other and it seems that there is a deliberate slow down of the automobile industry.


Tiger force

The Tiger Force program was initiated by Prime Minister Imran Khan in this difficult epidemic situation to help the government control the spread of the virus. The youth of the country participated wholeheartedly. 

Amid visible decrease in Coronavirus cases, the government has decided to uplift the lockdown restrictions in the country under the strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The work of the Tiger force, however, is not over yet. Now the Government should direct the tiger force to start awareness programs of SOP’s to be followed by people in different local public places. 

The tiger force, under police protection, should visit different public places to overview the situation and should order to follow the SOPs in public places to avoid the spread of the virus. I am sure the youngsters of Tiger Force will perform their duty earnestly.


Public peeping

It goes beyond any shadow of a doubt that women in the patriarchal society of Pakistan bear untold miseries their entire lives. They are subjected to various threats including domestic violence, sexual harassment, public molesting/peeping etc. Of all these ill practices which are prevalent in society, public peeping is rarely discussed. Public peeping is psychological harassment that engulfs the peace of mind in no time. If a woman happens to walk on the road or street, she will surely experience the dirty eyes of many males around. Constantly gazing at them makes them feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Though it comes in Hadith, “lower your gaze if a woman passes by you”, yet it falls on deaf ears. Many women even have to resist their careers just because of male’s molesting behaviour outside the educational institutions of the country. Women are the gems of our society; they must be empowered to pursue their dreams without any restrictions.


Revamping curriculum

Curriculum plays a paramount role in grooming the intellectual level and creativity of the pupils. Right curriculum and perfect content refer to the highest level of knowledge. The word curriculum means “a race “or “the course of race “.The meaning illustrates the competition between modernisation and globalization. But unfortunately, we have miserably failed to understand its meaning deeply. In Pakistan, the curriculum is old school. The content of school books is so ancient that the same content was studied and learnt by sons, fathers and even grandfathers. The developing nations have gone far in progress and technology and we are still stuck in the past. Relevant authorities should take a firm stance to modernise the curriculum so that young minds may grow.