ISLAMABAD-Not only is she one of the most celebrated TV personality, but the ambitious journalist is also an Ambassador for one of the largest privately owned networks of low-cost formal schools in Pakistan; The Citizens Foundation. Sidra is also the Youth Ambassador for I-Hope program and actively champions causes of substance that empowers the youth to make a positive difference.

Sidra hosted a TV show “Aaj Pakistan with Sidra Iqbal” that aims to bring the real issues to center stage. The show invites policy makers, decision influencers and the civil society for meaningful dialogue. Recently the Federal Minister of Education, Mr. Shafqat Mehmood featured in an exclusive conversation about academic planning and policies in Pakistan. The present government completed two years and it was a perfect occasion to take stock of the national educational framework. More than 20 million children of school going age are out of school in Pakistan. The Higher Education provision capacity in the country is worse than Sub-Saharan Africa. Yet, the Pakistan continues to produce global distinction holders and academic high achievers in every domain. One wonders how enormous the true potential of our youth that remains unexplored is. The Covid-19 pandemic forcing schools to close, the private school’s fees hike and the latest Cambridge A Levels Results 2020 controversy were pressing issues in the background of this conversation. These prompted Sidra to ask the Federal Minister candid and critical questions.