PESHAWAR - After crushing defeats by security forces on various fronts including South Waziristan, now the militants are keeping the morale of their colleagues up by pledging lucrative promises, sources informed. A senior intelligence official told Nation on Tuesday that government is close to declare complete victory over terrorists, while militants on the other hand are posing the impression that they will eventually win the war. They are running out of time but still believe that they would establish an emirate in NWFP, he said, adding that they have plans to divide province into many small units. This is a glaring example of self-deception by terrorists. Spy agencies have recorded many conversations, which are informative, interesting and sometimes a bit comical, he added. In one such conversation, a known terrorist promises a crony to elevate him to the rank of governor of Peshawar after the fall of this important garrison city while other promises to support him to become chief of Darul Qaza. Similarly, a terrorist from Waziristan while talking to his friend committed to promote him as Amir of Swat valley after final victory. He also told him that he would also be an advisor to Amir-ul-Momineen. The name of the person who was promised could not ascertained by the intelligence operators. In yet another conversation, a senior terrorist leader vowed to transform US Consulate in Peshawar into a jail for foreigners and their collaborators. He too subscribed to the opinion that majority of foreigners are here to spy and conspire against Islam. However, some were of the opinion that the building must be razed to the ground. In another recorded message, Abu Hamza, a terrorist, tells his friend Abu Saeed that he would get a free ride in aircraft after establishment of Islamic emirate. Saeed thanked him for the generous offer and promised him the ownership of historical Mughal-era Balahisar Fort, which is headquartering Frontier Corps. Both were positive that the destination is in sight. The exchange of views and information should not be taken lightly, they are not expressing their skills of humour, said a senior official. So far, no one has any idea whom terrorists want to be crowned as their Amir-ul-Momineen. In past many Al-Qaeda, Taliban and the Arab fighters have shown allegiance to Mullah Omar, the spiritual head of the student militia, who has remained Amir-ul-Momineen for years. A good number of local terrorists still believe in him but the Afghan Taliban have developed disliking for Pakistani Taliban and issued statements against them. We are trying to uproot this evil to ensure peace in the country while they have plans to establish their own government which is amazing, an official said.