ISLAMABAD - As work of the Complaint Disposal Cell (CDC) of the Ministry of Haj is underway to hear the complaints against Haj Group Operators (HGOs) who violated their agreements and showed negligence in providing facilities to pilgrims this year but unfortunately relevant Minister is still not available to monitor the overall performance of his subordinates accordingly. TheNation has learnt reliably that the Minister of Religious Affairs, Hamid Saeed Kazmi, is reluctant to visit his office due to some threats. Sources informed that the minister asked the officials to change the Ministry to some safer place then he would attend his office. Sources said that due to continuous absence of the minister, there is no check and balance system in the ministry. Despite numerous attempts, the minister could not be contacted, however, one of his close aid informed that Hamid Saeed Kazmi was still on bed rest. When contacted, Joint Secretary Haj Aftab-ul-Islam Raja informed that the routine work of the ministry was smoothly going on. He informed that this year around 589 registered HGOs were allocated the Haj quota to make arrangements for pilgrims like getting their visas stamped, travelling, accommodation, food and provision of shuttle service. The CDC, which is headed by Joint Secretary Haj Aftab-ul-Islam Raja, was closely monitoring the working of HGOs throughout the period from beginning of pre-Haj operation and would continue checking till culmination of operation. This year, the ministry had sent around 160,000 pilgrims under the government and private scheme to Saudi Arabia to perform the religious obligation. There are some complaints by pilgrims that they have not been provided the agreed accommodation facilities in Makkah and Madina by some HGOs, he said, adding that the licences of such HGOs would be canceled. Besides this, he said their guarantees could be confiscated or their quota for next Haj scheme could be curtailed. He said a detailed report is being prepared by the ministrys complaint disposal cell against these organisers, which would be issued after completion of post-Haj flights operation. JS Haj said the report would be based on complaints filed by individuals as well as complaints published in newspapers and monitored by a team of the ministry. The Ministry of Religious Affairs earlier had filed cases with FIA against three Haj group organisers (HGOs), including a retired Army official, who did not take the intending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia for performing Haj. Although, these HGOs have paid back the payments of intending pilgrims but the Ministry has started legal proceedings against them under the rules and regulations, Chief Coordinator of the Ministry Farogh Aftab Zaidi informed.