A lot of people would agree that AAZ made a mistake asking Aitezaz Ahsan to speak especially after he abruptly ended his controversial address at Naudero. Taking advantage of the occasion Aitezaz Ahsan knowingly or unknowingly attacked AAZ on two counts in his lawyerly style of oratory flow. He is isolating AAZ from the mission which BB took when she left Abu Dhabi and then damped AAZ's claim of completing 80 percent of PPP's agenda. How?

He started his speech by giving example of Imam Hussain that when Imam was leaving Madina on his mission to Karballa people around him advised against it. But Imam was adamant to complete his mission. In the middle of his speech, Aitezaz Ahsan said when BB decided to leave Abu Dhabi for Karachi on her mission, Asif Ali Zardari advised her against it. Linking the two incidents Aitezaz cleverly isolated AAZ from the mission of BB.

Then, at the end of his speech, he advised AAZ to work on 'Falahi' (social) work of PPP meaning by AAZ's was wrong when he announced earlier that he completed 80 percent of PPP's agenda. Everybody knows PPP's agenda was 'Falahi' (social) in nature renewing the old motto of 'Roti, Kapra aur Makan'. If Aitezaz Ahsan deliberately brought these two points in his emotionally charged and cleverly crafted speech, then he can become a bigger challenge for AAZ staying in the PPP then leaving it and joining PTI.


London, December 28.