RAJANPUR - A ceremony was held to distribute key of model houses among the flood-hit people who won the houses in village Rakh Azmatwala here.

The ceremony was organized by Sher Ali Khan, the adviser to the Punjab chief minister. The advisor was flanked by Rajanpur DCO Ghazi Amanullah, DPO Ahmad Hassan, Assistant Commissioner Wahid Arjmand Zia, Zakat and Usher Committee Chairman Muhammad Ayub Nasir Malik and Market Committee Administrator Karim Nawaz.

The DCO briefed the participants on the project. He distributed keys of the houses among the winners and also distributed cheques worth Rs1.5 million amongst the heirs of the students who were killed in a road accident prior to the ceremony which was scheduled to be held earlier.

A balloting for Rakh Azmatwala, some 4-km from here Jampur along the Dajal Road, was conducted on December 15, 2011 under the auspices of the DCO and the AC during a ceremony held at the TMA lawn in presence of newsmen, civil society members, religious scholars and the flood victims. As many as 70 draws were picked by different people sitting amongst the audience and names of lucky ones announced there. On December16, the key distribution ceremony was to be conducted but it was postponed the road accident wherein the students were killed.