LAHORE - The Civil Aviation Authority, on Thursday, conducted a full-scale mock emergency exercise at the Allama Iqbal International Airport here. To make it beyond an exercise, the CAA arranged and extinguished a large-scale fire at the tarmac. Thereafter, the ‘injured’ passengers were rescued from an aircraft by the CAA Rescuers, Fire Fighters and Rescue 1122 jawans and then handed over to Medical Services to provide them with necessary ‘first aid’.

Further, the Rescue-1122, Pak Army, PAF, City District Government’s Health Services, PIA and Edhi Ambulances also participated. One aircraft of the national flag carrier (Alpha Airline 325) with 80 simulated passengers including crew members on board made a crash landing at undershoot area RWY-36. The starboard (the engine on the right side) caught fire. The fire was lit in the fire-pit located near secondary runway. The Emergency message was originated from Control Tower. Crash Tenders, Bowzers, PAF fire vehicle and CAA Ambulances rushed to the site.

The fire-fighting operation was conducted and fire was extinguished. Thereafter evacuation process started. Above incident was simulated by using a PIAC’s parked aircraft on bay no-11 apron side. Evacuation carried out through aircraft steps. Casualties were initially carried to collection area and then to Triage Area by the CAA Fire Personnel, rescuers of Rescue — 1122 and other agencies. Triage area was marked by the Sign Boards established for segregation of casualties as per their priorities. The Medical Team assessed the level of injuries of the passenger, assigned the priority (Priority I, II, III & 0) and attached casualty identification tags for immediate care and disposal.

Airport Security Force took necessary security measures including cordoning the site. The conclusion of the exercise was marked by the evacuation and transportation of the last casualty and return of all emergency vehicles to the Fire Station. Apart from Airport CAA Fire and Medical services, Fire Tenders from PAF, Rescue 1122, Distt. Govt. & Cantt rescue will participate in subject exercise. The ambulances of Rescue — 1122, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Airforce, PIAC, Mayo Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, Services Hospital, General Hospital, City & Distt. Government, Edhi Foundation, Airport Health Services participated.

Syed Aamir Mehboob, (Sitara-e-Imtiaz), General Manager, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority appreciated role of all departments who participated in the exercise. Talking to reporters, he said the exercise “will help the CAA meet any real emergency and to overcome shortcoming of the various departments”.