MULTAN - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Thursday that the foundations of democracy in the country were built with the blood of martyrs of PPP and therefore this building would never cave in.

The premier observed this while talking to the notables of South Punjab region here at Prime Minister House. He has come down to Multan on a three-day visit during which he will inaugurate a number of development projects.

The Prime Minister said that PPP was the name of an ideology and the real revolution was brought about by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed. He said the throne he was holding was the amanat of Shaheeds (Zulfikar Ali and Benazir Bhutto). He said that Bhutto gave the masses courage to speak as a result of which even those, who never saw him, chanted slogans like ‘Zinda Hay Bhutto Zinda Hay’. Gilani said credit goes to PPP government that neither any political prisoner existed in the country nor any journalist was imprisoned. “No one else possesses tolerance like us,” he added.

He expressed his hope that mega projects like Motorway and Multan International Airport would bring an economic revolution to South Punjab.

He claimed that his government allocated funds for the development of all areas on the basis of equity while keeping aside political affiliations. Gilani added the government offered subsidy worth Rs 25 billion on urea fertilizer and fixed wheat support price at Rs 1,050 per kilogram. “These steps are meant to make farmers prosperous,” he asserted. He said that it was prevailing regime during which remote areas made much more development than the past. He declared he would soon inaugurate a big state-of-the-art cancer hospital in Multan as the government had a clear vision of developing backward areas. He said he donated his personal land for establishment of a modern basic health unit in Hamidpur Kanora. He assured the citizens that Cadet College project would be accomplished whatsoever. He told the delegations that Head Muhammadwala Bridge was the longest bridge of Pakistan while a new road was being constructed between Head Muhammadwala and Chowk Nag Shah at a cost of Rs 2.5 billion. “We have launched so many development projects that no one can even count them,” he added.

Meanwhile, a schedule issued by the information department read that the Prime Minister will inaugurate newly constructed Double Phatak Flyover at 11:00 am, PTV Centre 2:00 pm, lay foundation stone of Askari Bypass Road and address public meeting at 3:15 pm on Friday (today).

On Saturday, he shall inaugurate Head Muhammadwala Bridge at 10 am followed by laying of foundation stone of Akbar Flood Bund and inauguration of Jinnah Chowk. Similarly, the premier shall lay foundation stone of Qadirpur Rawan-Tatypur Road, IT Campus Qadirpur Rawan, NADRA office Qadirpur and Passport office Qadirpur at 12:00 while he shall inaugurate construction work of many roads in Qadirpur Rawan area, Tatypur flyover and Tatypur railway station at 12:43.