The harsh winter season is at its peak and the frequent gas and electricity loadshedding is adding flavour to its bitterness. Although, gas stations are kept close for three days in Lahore, it is practically impossible to get CNG filled in your car on the fourth day as well because of the low pressure and long queues of motorists awaiting their turn. Practically, out of six working days, gas is available for only two days. It is indeed a sad situation for a country like Pakistan which has rich and abundant natural resources. Furthermore, gas loadshedding has affected everyone, except perhaps those in power. The industry is laying off workers because of power shortages, and transporters are charging high fares putting greater burden on the common man. On the other hand, domestic gas loadshedding has forced people to switch over to gas cylinders but due to sudden spurt in demand of these cylinders their supply has run short, thus making it difficult to cook food these days. The government should take notice of the situation as it is causing public agitation which is clearly visible in the recent strikes and protests.


Lahore, December 29.