SIALKOT - Algerian Ambassador in Pakistan Dr Ahmed Benflis visited Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) here on Thursday and discussed the matters of mutual interest with Sialkot-based exporters.

Welcoming the Algerian Ambassador, SCCI President Naeem Anwar Qureshi said that Pakistan and Algeria were two Islamic brotherly countries having deep routed bond of friendship and loving sentiments for each other.

He informed that Sialkot was an export-oriented city supplying sports goods; surgical instruments, leather goods etc worldwide including the top brands. He said that trade between Algeria and Pakistan was not encouraging and therefore, needs attention of the Govt of both countries and private sector to improve mutual concentration for enhancing trade and economic cooperation.

The SCCI President narrated that Sialkot made products were supplied in the Algerian market through indirect sources therefore, results in much higher input price and longer delivery time. He stressed upon the need that private sectors of the two countries must improve interaction so that importers may get the products directly from Sialkot which is beneficial for both the countries.

Naeem Anwar Qureshi revealed that people-to-people linkages and collaboration between Chambers of both countries were important to improve trade. He further said that western countries were dominating the Algerian market mainly due to their influence at government level. functionaries do not allow other countries to bilateral trade into the Algerian market. Being an Islamic brotherly country Algerian Government must play its role in improving trade ties by encouraging inputs from Islamic countries including Pakistan.

In his speech, Algerian Ambassador Ahmed Benflis appreciated the product quality produced in Sialkot. He agreed that both the countries should improve cooperation in various fields to enhance trade and commercial activities. He said that the Algerian Embassy would extend all possible cooperation to the member of Sialkot Chamber to improve links with the business community of Algeria. In this regard the Algerian Embassy would grant visas to the members of the SCCI.